What Happened to Vine?

what happened to vine

Twitter officially announced that it is shutting down Vine after three years of service. This app spurned a social media frenzy with creative and original six-second videos showcasing comedic, musical, serious and just plain weird posts from its members.

Quite a few people rose to stardom through Vine. Affectionately named “Vine Stars,” people such as Lele Pons, Nash Grier and Brittany Furlan gained an immense following through the app which in turn, led to lucrative sponsorships and other media events, such as Magcon, where several Vine Stars toured the United States meeting fans and performing on stage. But with Twitter’s official announcement that Vine is dead, where will these Vine Stars go? And, more importantly what happened to Vine?

Vine began as a space for regular people to share their own creations. Similar to America’s Funniest Home Videos, Vine offered original content, which is what drew people to the app. However, Vine wasn’t created in an ad-friendly format and opportunities for businesses to advertise were difficult. Slowly, users began leaving the app and Vine Stars turned to other opportunities.

Now that Vine is shutting down, these Vine Stars have to make a permanent switch to other social media platforms. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram are the top destinations for a number of reasons:

  • Audience: Younger audiences prefer the next big thing
  • Ad Money: Advertising dollars moved away from Vine and people follow the money
  • Assistance: Current social media sites focus their resources on the video element

Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, also have advertising abilities that allow companies to sponsor their own content, such as promoted posts and promoted Tweets. This differed from Vine where companies had to work with each Viner individually. Vine suffered from a limited audience range—71% were Millennials. Facebook offers a wider audience range including Millennials, established adults and older members using the platform. Vine’s famous six-second format was also its downfall because consumers want longer videos, as offered by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is beneficial to companies too, because there are more opportunities to demonstrate products and services.

Vine had a meteoric rise and a gradual decline. Although this app is now dead, many social media platforms continue to thrive and offer businesses the chance to reach and engage with their audience in an impactful way. An experienced advertising agency can help you create a social media campaign that will thrive, too.

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