Digital Marketing Services by Appleton Creative

Digital marketing, a constantly evolving field, includes knowing how to get users to see, click or interact with what you’re selling. Whether that interaction takes place on users’ phones, computers, smart TVs or wearable tech, obtaining success in the digital space requires strategic planning, strong creative and a team dedicated to working within the immediacy this medium thrives upon. Through digital and social marketing, you can continue to entice your consumers with valuable and shareable content, in addition to digital marketing ads that attract consumers. Brands that create more than 16 blog posts per month get over 3.5x more traffic, while eblasts alone inspire customers to spend 82% more. Social advertising spending continues to increase and could grow to over $37 billion by 2020, and 78% of small businesses use social media to attract new customers. Your company deserves custom content, compelling and persuasive online ads and high-performing campaigns.

Services Include:

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Content Creation + Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Infographics
  • Custom Analytics + Reporting


Our Areas of Expertise Include:

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Whether it’s for lead generation or awareness, the procurement of customer interest in your products or services through a digital marketing campaign depends on your ability to get in front of them and entice them. Before launching a digital campaign, experts must perform in-depth research that provides insight into their targeting methodology and strategy. Once launched, digital campaigns offer some of the best reporting information available for obtaining measurable feedback, which can be utilized to make real-time changes to improve your campaign. From text ads to display ads, there are many different digital marketing ad types and strategies we use to effectively reach target audiences. Retargeting is a cookie-based technology used to “follow” your audience while they surf the internet and serve them ads on websites they’re visiting. Geofencing is another innovative strategy we use to show digital ads to smartphone users who are in a specific geographic location. When done correctly, digital marketing strategies, including these two, are highly effective in reaching specific target audiences and getting your brand in front of them across the digital space.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making a website more favorable to search engines. In a world where search engines change their algorithms daily, a thorough and comprehensive optimization strategy is essential to any website. Keyword audits and competitive analysis show how your website is currently performing and what needs modification. We can help optimize your business’ site to rise and be the first page of search engines, giving it a competitive edge.

Content Creation + Marketing

Content creation includes writing blogs, social media posts, white papers and infographics, and content marketing involves creating and sharing content that helps your website rank higher in search engines for specifically targeted keywords. Great content identifies you as an expert in your field, and in turn, positively affects audience awareness and perceptions of your brand. We can help your brand by developing a strategic content marketing plan focused on what content is produced, how it is shared and who is reading it. We also strategically develop well-thought online content that reinforces your company’s messaging, so your users can easily engage and learn more about your brand.

Social Media Marketing

In a world that’s focused on instant information, social media is one of the simplest and most effective ways to grow your business. Seventy-five percent of online users have found the information on a company’s social profile to impact their buying behavior or increase their brand loyalty. Our social media marketing services include influencing online users with well-developed content creation and numbers-backed engagement rates, in addition to strategic social media advertising campaigns that attract people to your profile or website based on a specified budget.

Email Marketing

Email has one of the highest response rates of any other communication channel. It continues to rank as one of the most cost-effective methods of contacting your audience and can come across as a more personal medium than other outlets. With help from our email marketing services, you can acquire customers, build brand loyalty and recognition, or advertise new products and services.


Studies have found that almost 90% of the information we retain is based on visual association. By creating infographics, or information graphics, we repurpose relevant, important content into shareable, graphic visual representations that will better resonate with your consumers.

Custom Analytics + Reporting

Companies that track their website, landing page and social media analytics are shown to have reduced costs and better decision-making. We utilize powerful analytics tools and provide expert insight to your consumers’ traffic patterns, interests and demographics, among others, to help you make business and marketing decisions crucial to your business’s growth.