Website Security: 3 Reasons to Use HTTPS vs HTTP


Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP, was generated to allow servers and computers to share information through the Internet. The overall goal was to make a communication pathway across systems and have the ability to transfer data.


How do you know what type of hypertext your website is using? Look at the left side of the web address in your search engine bar. If the address bar shows a green lock, which represents the website being secure, it’s HTTPS. Another indication would be if the beginning of the URL in the address bar says “http” or “https.” HTTP data sends a code that allows people to view a website but has been seen as “unsecure” because third-party groups intercept data as it passes through these systems. This causes security concerns and decreases customer trust, easily leading to a decrease in website traffic. HTTPS, where the “S” stands for security, adds an extra level of protection to the communicated data by encrypting it, something HTTP doesn’t offer. The encryption prevents the data from being modified and provides authentication. It also protects information, such as passwords and credit card information, from hackers. This feature benefits the concerned websites that tackle sensitive information regularly.

3 Big Reasons It Matters:

In 2014, Google made security it’s top priority and broadcasted that their websites would only be using HTTPS. They understood that their users trust was of the utmost importance. Here are more reasons for choosing HTTPS over HTTP:

1. Boost Your Ranking

When you use HTTPS, Google’s algorithm will boost your ranking. While the increase is slight, it could give you the extra edge over a competitor. Since users prefer a secure site and will select them over unsecure sites, this can also create an organic boost in your Google search ranking. It’s incredibly difficult for HTTP websites to obtain a high ranking on Google.

2. Gain Trust

HTTP is now proven to be too unreliable. Some internet browsers, like Chrome, will display an alert to users that the site is unsecure. This message may deter users from continuing into the site and providing personal information. Using HTTPS shows your audience they can trust your site enough to put their personal information.

3. Protect Your Visitors

Using HTTPS means you care about not only your website’s safety, but also your viewers safety. This sense of confidence and credibility is important for customers who buy products/services on your site because their personal information is kept safe. If your audience doesn’t feel safe, it’s likely they’ll never visit your website again and using an unsecure site could result in a decrease in sales. According to GlobalSign, over 80% of customers report they would abandon a purchase if the site was unsecure.

Switching from an HTTP site to an HTTPS site not only helps to boost your Google search ranking, but it can also make more sales and provide customers with a sense of trust. If your website isn’t a secure HTTPS site and you want to gain customer trust, make more sales, increase your Google ranking or even redesign your website, we can help. Appleton is an award-winning, full-service Orlando marketing firm that specializes in search engine optimization. Appleton works with local, national and international clients to deliver inbound marketing strategies that put your website ahead of the competition. At Appleton, we want to learn about your business, empower your marketing team and be your creative resource. Your SEO goals are worth a conversation: contact us at 407-246-0092 or

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