Hurricane Irma Resource Guide

Hurricane Irma Resource Guide

The impact of deadly disasters like Hurricane Irma are often felt for months and years to come. Although some of us may have full power, clean water and dry homes, thousands of Floridians are still feeling the impact of Hurricane Irma. Do your part to help local communities get back on their feet. If you need relief, many resources are available and waiting to assist you in any way possible.

Volunteer Opportunities

American Red Cross
Work with the American Red Cross to help your local communities recover. Those able to load and unload trucks, serve food, supervise relief efforts and other activities should apply now.

Volunteer Florida
Many Floridians are still recovering from Hurricane Irma. Find the best way to help them get back on their feet.

Hands On Orlando
While Hands On Orlando volunteers in a variety of projects, disaster recovery may be its most important. Volunteer now to help local communities in need of assistance.

Orange County 311 Help Line
Find non-emergency help and resources with this free chat service.
311 or 407-836-3111

Heart of Florida United Way
Answer the calls of people in need. Provide comfort and help to those still affected by Hurricane Irma. Volunteers needed to answer 211 calls until October 30, 2017.

Ways to Donate

Florida Disaster Fund
Donate to the state of Florida’s private disaster recover fund. With 100% of proceeds going to those in need, you can make an incredible difference.
Text DISASTER to 20222 to make a $10 donation

Second Harvest Food Bank
With millions of Floridians without power, food was left to spoil in the fridge. Donate food or funds to help hungry hurricane victims.

Knights Helping Knights Pantry
Help local college students impacted by Hurricane Irma at the University of Central. Donate basic kitchen necessities, including canned goods, to Knights Pantry.

American Red Cross
If volunteerism isn’t an option for you, the American Red Cross is accepting donations of $10 and more to help those people affected by the disaster.

Disaster Relief

Disaster Assistance
Find out if you apply for assistance in disaster recovery. Get access to news feeds, fact sheets and more.

Heart of Florida United Way
To access a variety of disaster-related community resources visit the website or call 211.

If your home was impacted by flood, wind or power loss caused by Hurricane Irma, find a shelter near you now.

YMCA Services
With millions of Floridians living without power and access to clean water, local YMCAs are doing their part to help the community by providing free showers and cell-phone charging.

Disaster Distress Helpline
Times like these can cause great emotional grief. Get the assistance you need during this time of emergency with this helpline.
Text TalkWithUs to 66746

Power Outage Interactive Maps
Interested in who has power and who doesn’t in the state of Florida? Find out with these interactive maps.

Other Resources

Florida Special Needs Registry
Don’t wait for another disaster to come before registering yourself, your friends or your family for the Florida Special Needs Registry. It may just save a life.
Phone: 800-374-9689

Rumor Control
Falsehoods abound when disasters strike. Don’t fall for social media follies, especially when your life depends on it. FEMA has a rumor control center to help you get to the truth.

Mortgage Loan Extension
Because Hurricane Irma has caused such a profound suspension in our lives, some home mortgages owned by Freddie Mac may qualify for loan extensions. See if you qualify.

Keep your eye on the price of gas during disasters like Hurricane Irma with this helpful website and app, available on iPhone and Android.

With such a powerful natural disaster as the one we experienced with Hurricane Irma, it’s critical that Floridians come together to help one another in any way possible. Through volunteerism, donations, courage and perseverance, we can weather any storm.