Calling All Eyes! Creative Campaigns with Strategic Media Buys Capture Orlando’s Attention

Strategic media buying

Let’s face it; in business and in life, it’s hard to achieve success without the right plan. Even more important is having the right strategy and execution in place to ensure optimum success is achieved. The same holds true when it comes to marketing your brand with an advertising campaign. For a strategic marketing campaign to be effective and captivate your audience, it is imperative to make sure you have compelling creative partnered with a skillfully prepared media plan. But, how do you know what to do when it comes to initiating said campaign? It all starts by finding the right Orlando media buying agency.

Adaptability and the aptitude to stay ahead of the competition by using the right technology is a key component when implementing a successful campaign. However, a great full-service advertising agency knows how important it is to stay true to the roots of the industry. That means executing traditional media buys, such as strategically placed out-of-home advertising, radio and also, strategic digital campaigns utilizing multiple platforms and outreach. Read on to learn more about local Orlando media buying agency, Appleton Creative, and how we have made an impact with our multiple full-scale advertising campaigns currently running throughout the community.

Orlando Billboard ad
Regional REALTOR Association Billboard ad

Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association

The Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association (ORRA), which has more than 2,700 REALTORS® covering a five county area, approached us with a key goal in mind: educate potential homebuyers and sellers in the Central Florida community about the benefits of using an officially licensed REALTOR®. While the campaign incorporates a selection of different media channels, including radio spots, traditional print ads, a digital marketing campaign and social media advertising, we applied one last crucial element to make our campaign most effective — out-of-home media buying. The key to building our strategy was focusing on location-specific audience demographics such as age, annual income and household net worth. In doing so, Appleton was able to capture the most qualified impressions by placing the most relevant messaging in targeted locations within the community.

Orange County Billboard ad
Orange County Library System

Orange County Library System

Similar to ORRA, the Orange County Library System (OCLS) knew it wanted to target the Orlando community and wanted to do so through applying a local advertising campaign and partnering with an Orlando media buying agency. However, its goal was more niche-focused in the sense that it concentrated on increasing the amount of foot traffic to each of its 16 branches throughout the county and raising the monthly amount of library card registrations. We initiated our creative process by focusing on a crucial component to any good campaign — performing substantial research. By studying the demographic makeup of Orange County, we concluded that the campaign would experience the best ROI by developing multilingual content geared toward English and Hispanic audiences. To best achieve the overall campaign goals, we carried out a full-scale advertising campaign utilizing several mediums, but primarily focused on making a large impact using out-of-home media buying. By implementing more than 30 billboards throughout Orange County, all located within a three-mile radius of an OCLS branch, we were able to effectively communicate all of the additional benefits beyond books that OCLS has to offer to its patrons. In turn, our campaigned helped OCLS achieve its campaign goals of increasing overall foot traffic to each branch while also raising the monthly number of library card registrations.

Lake Gibson Village, Orlando Billboard ad
Lake Gibson Village Billboard Ad

Lake Gibson Village

Built at the historic Lake Gibson landmark in Lakeland, Florida, Lake Gibson Village offers an opportunity for seniors to modernize their independent living situations. With the goal of stressing its focus on wellness, affordability and the opportunity for seniors to make the rest of their life, the best of their life, Lake Gibson Village partnered with Appleton Creative to develop an impactful campaign. Appleton created a media plan that emphasized the unique qualities of Lake Gibson Village, using a strategy that honed in on area-specific demographics. In addition to writing, producing, directing and editing a a series of TV commercials and promotional videos for Lake Gibson Village, we also produced radio spots, print ads and billboards. By selecting out-of-home media locations in Central Florida areas with a high volume of senior commuters, we were able to tactically place our messaging in front of the most fit audiences. Working with the Lake Gibson Village team, the creative content and media plan Appleton carried out ultimately conveyed the key qualities of affordability, wellness and the location’s rich history to capture the attention of target audiences and launch Lake Gibson Village into a successful grand opening.

We can get you results — if you’re ready to captivate your audience with great creative and a marketing campaign managed by professionals with a proven track record, make sure you’re working with an Orlando media buying agency that has experience executing strategic media plans. Appleton Creative is an award-winning, full-service Orlando advertising and marketing agency that specializes in media buying for local, national and international clients. Appleton leverages relationships with the media to craft a media strategy and plan that is constantly monitored, optimized and analyzed. Appleton delivers multimedia and multi-market campaigns for companies through meticulously placed billboards, advertisements, print publications, radio, TV and online pay-per-click services. Your media planning and buying goals are worth a conversation: contact us at 407-246-0092 or

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