Corporate Videos Every Company Should Create

Corporate Videos

Companies from across the globe are taking advantage of video because they have discovered that it’s an ideal way to engage audiences. There are a wide variety of videos that companies should produce, each one possessing its own unique benefits. Whether you’re preparing a training video or organizing a recap for a special event, video is the key to connect with your viewers. Now’s the time to learn about the different types of videos and understand the endless possibilities of corporate video production.

Types of Corporate Videos


A profile video is arguably the most universal type of corporate video. Since profile videos are an introduction to your company, making a memorable first impression is critical. There are numerous ways one can accomplish this type of corporate video, but stating the most significant aspects of your company is a fundamental way to display yourself to an audience. Explaining the history of your company and its goals and beliefs is another valuable way for your viewers to understand who you are as a company. Ultimately, profile videos should clearly express your company’s message in a direct way while presenting an appropriate amount of information to peak viewers’ interest.


Even though training videos are primarily for internal use, they have the potential to positively impact your business. Videos are much more engaging than having your employees sit through a tedious training session. The more stimulating the video is, the more attentive your employees will be. KommiReddy Deepika stated that individuals are likely to remember only 10% of text and 65% of visuals; on the contrary, they’re able to recall 95% of audio-visual content. With this information, you can understand why engaging, memorable training videos and successful businesses go hand-in-hand. In addition, training videos save companies money that would otherwise go toward a venue, food, travel or even a trainer; once again proving that video may be a beneficial investment for businesses of every size.

Product Demonstrations

Videos that thoroughly explain products perform remarkably well on social media channels and online stores. Marketers have discovered that consumers tend to enjoy descriptive product videos much more than reading lengthy descriptions. Providing users with detailed demonstrations allows them to fully grasp the product’s potential and understand its benefits. Recently, it’s been revealed that 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video that describes it. There’s no doubt that video does an exceptional job informing customers, which is why more marketers are adopting this tool.

Special Events

If your company is hosting or attending an important event, such as a corporate fundraiser or conference, hiring a video production team to shoot video is the best way to document the experience and share it with your viewers. The video team can compile all the footage taken to create a high-quality video, showing people who couldn’t attend what they missed out on and getting viewers excited for the next event. If you’re interested in a trendy alternative, then look no further than live streaming. A production crew will be able to give your followers a play-by-play of the action in real-time, which makes live streaming an appealing option for businesses. Although live streaming and recap videos are extremely different from one another, they both possess extraordinary benefits if promoted properly.

Regardless of what your company is aiming to accomplish, producing video content is valuable for any business. Video possesses the capability to influence viewers in multiple ways that help it stand out from other types of content. The more captivating your videos are, the more positive your viewers will respond. Evidently, video does exceptionally well on a number of different platforms:

  • Email: An email that contains a video has a 96% higher click-through rate.
  • Website: The average visitor spends 88% more time on a landing page with video.
  • Social Media: Videos on social media produce 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

In order to create influential, high-quality videos, collaborating with a professional video company will greatly enhance the final product. They’ll guide your company through the world of corporate video production, as well as tailoring videos to suit your specific needs.

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