Zebra Coalition

Zebra Coalition supports organizations that provide services to LGBTQ youth. The foundation strives to be a resource center for young people in need, providing information and access to services that can improve their lives.  There is currently an epidemic of youth homelessness in our country, and the Zebra Coalition is dedicated to providing resources for those in need of help.  The services that the foundation supports include counseling, peer support groups, and shelters.

In order to become a recognized organization in the Central Florida community, the Zebra Coalition has recently launched a website. Appleton Creative designed and built the site, created branding, and produced promotional brochures in support of the cause.  On the website, young people can find help via a hotline, contact help through email, find answers to their concerns, and learn how to contact the organizations that the foundation supports. The site contains an extensive list of resources available for youth to contact along with links to donate or receive help.  Appleton Creative and the Zebra Coalition hope the website will gain local attention and build community recognition for the foundation’s efforts.

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