Your Captive Audience is Waiting: Snapchat, for Business

snapchat for business how do you snap

The app Snapchat is widespread among teens, tweens and young adults for its ability to “erase” your photo or video after 10 seconds. Uncover Snapchat as a potentially great opportunity for brands.

According to Business Insider, the app has almost 60 million total installs and 30 million monthly active users. On top of those staggering statistics, 16.5 million people are using Snapchat daily and account for over 400 million Snaps sent every day. If you’re going for the age group predominately found using this app (ages 13-25), your target is ready and waiting for you.

What benefits does the app offer you? Because the message self-destructs, in a manner of speaking, people using the app give it their undivided attention, something advertisers know all too well is a fleeting commodity these days.

Companies actively using the app to further their brand are Taco Bell and the New Orleans Saints. They send exclusive announcements, behind the scenes footage and sneak peaks to customers following them on the app. Another company experimenting with the app is a small frozen yogurt chain, 16 Handles. Users send them pictures enjoying their frozen yogurt, and in return they received a coupon for a percentage of their next purchase.

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