Working Within Your Brand

Your brand is much more than your logo! We say that a lot here at Appleton Creative – because to believe anything else is to limit your company’s opportunities. A brand is an identity – it encompasses the morals and the foundation of your company and it should thread through every aspect of your company culture, including your environment. Appleton recently had the honor of developing and executing an environmental branding project for one highly attuned company: Golf Channel.

A long-time promoter and supporter of the culture, the people and the sport of golf, Golf Channel’s recent environmental branding project took their brand identity and threaded it through the offices, meeting spaces and hallways of the new Golf Channel Orlando headquarters.

So what is environmental branding? It’s not simple decoration or sign manufacturing. Environmental branding digs deep into company culture to create a functional and creative workspace that mirrors this identity. Environmental branding is the concept that employees work best when the passion of the company’s message is ingrained in the art and structures – it’s a combination of interior marketing and external expression.

Designing a three-dimensional space that reflects your brand positioning and image can reap benefits for your company. It’s a powerful way to enliven employees and introduce visitors, clients and prospects to your brand’s unique culture and image.

Interested in learning more? Appleton Creative is leading the way in environmental design in the Orlando area. We are always interested and excited to talk about environmental branding projects. Give us a call today at 407-246-0092.

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