Why Your Company Should Siri-ously Consider Voice Recognition Marketing

voice recognition

We’re officially living in the fantasized future of hoverboards, self-driving cars and voice recognition. As we all know, when technology rapidly evolves, so do our advertising techniques. Today’s latest territory for advertisers is voice recognition and consumers are captivated with its hands-free convenience. If your company wants to step away from its traditional techniques and into the future of advertising, consider learning about voice activated marketing. 

Voice Technology is on the Rise 

Proactive brands and advertisers are trying to find their place in this growing market because consumers are expressing a great interest in this field. In fact, voice technology is expected to become a $601 million market this year. Voice recognition technology has been present in cell phones and cars for years but, most recently we’ve been seeing it in smart speakers. By 2022, it’s predicted 55% of households will own a smart speaker. What’s even more impressive is those who own this type of technology are already frequently taking advantage of it. In a recent study, 53% of users polled said they use voice search on a daily basis to ask about local businesses via their smart speakers. Whether they’re asking about movie times or popular restaurants, users tend to find this approach faster and more convenient than traditional search methods. 

Keep in Mind 

As of right now, ads through smart speakers are fairly limited because they’re only allowed while streaming music, podcasts or flash briefing skills. However, developers have tested integrating ads during the use of some applications. For example, when Disney’s Beauty and the Beast hit theaters, Google Home ran ads on opening day after users listened to their daily schedules. This shows that developers are still generating ways to incorporate ads within their systems.  

How Your Company Can Get Involved 

It’s undeniable that voice recognition is an up-and-coming medium, so it’s no wonder many dedicated companies are creating their own voice marketing strategyBrands like Domino’s and Campbell’s are using voice-controlled systems to market their products. Now consumers can easily order pizzas from Domino’s and voice search Campbell’s recipes through their Amazon Echo.  

On the other hand, companies don’t have to develop elaborate techniques to help them stand out from the competition. Rethinking your SEO strategy is an effortless, yet effective way to break into the realm of voice recognition by ensuring your company will come up at the top of searches. The semantics for voice are a little different. People typically don’t talk the way they type, which means they’ll most likely speak into voice devices in a conversational way, as opposed to typing a few keywords into a search bar. Because of this, consider making some adjustments to your digital marketing strategy to make sure you’re reaching your voice search audience.

Despite being fairly new technology, voice recognition in advertising is still on the rise. It’s becoming more sophisticated by the day, so this is the time companies should start looking into voice search marketing. Voice recognitions growing success proves that this is only the beginning.  

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