Why You Should Prioritize Mobile in 2014

Now that 2014 is in full swing, it’s time to start discussing this year’s marketing plan in detail. What’s your big move? Pick up your smartphone and hold it high. There’s your resolution for the New Year—more mobile.

Analysts predict mobile will rule by 2015. That means 2014 is the year mobile advertising and integration take center stage. We are in an age where brands must cater to their customers to retain loyalty. Savvy marketers understand their messages must exist where consumers spend their time. Newsflash: they’re on their phones and tablets. Mobile web browsing is set to exceed desktop browsing within the next year or two. Because of this, brands should be paying close attention to their mobile environment.

In fact, 2014 should be the year every business prioritizes mobile.

Where and how does your brand live online? Is your website optimized for a mobile-driven world? If you’ve considered a web redesign, you’ve probably heard the word “responsive.” Responsive websites are sites that “respond” to the size of the browser they’re being viewed on. Due to this, the layouts adapt to different devices and screens seamlessly, making the mobile viewing experience much more functional and pleasant.

Why is optimizing for mobile so important, anyway? A website that is not mobile-ready will result in a lacking user experience which can be a critical pitfall. In fact, 74% of consumers will only wait 5 seconds for a webpage to load on their mobile device before abandoning the site. Furthermore, 46% of consumers are unlikely to return to a mobile site if it didn’t work properly during their last visit.

What about ads on mobile? There are many effective ways to advertise through mobile. For instance, Google AdWords are text ads that come up on search results. These are currently the biggest part of the mobile ad market. But it also merits exploring other ad networks that can deliver your mobile banner ads to apps and mobile sites your target consumer is likely to frequent. What’s more, mobile ad placement can be highly targeted and also relatively cheap.

Mobile advertising is set to skyrocket this year. We encourage you to reap the benefits of staying up-to-date. Thrive in the world of tomorrow by staying ahead today.

We’re ready for another year of change and innovation. Are you? If not, we can help. Appleton Creative is an award-winning, full-service advertising agency located in Orlando, Florida. Appleton works with local, national and international clients to provide marketing strategies through print, web, social media and video productionall in house. At Appleton, we want to learn about your business, empower your marketing team and be your creative resource. Your marketing goals are worth a conversation: contact us at 407-246-0092 or info@appletoncreative.com.

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