Why knowing your ‘keywords’ is important

Who is your target audience and what are they searching for online?

What are they doing online, what things are they looking for? Do you know?

These are important questions to ask before you begin utilizing social media for your brand. If you know whom you’re trying to target and how they act online, you’ll have a much better chance at finding them and appealing to them.

These days people can find brands on television, on billboards, through word of mouth, in search engines, on social networks, on review sites, and many other places – so how do you find the spotlight amongst the crowd?

Obviously, if your audience isn’t on Facebook then you shouldn’t be on Facebook either, but most likely they are. So, how do you direct them to your page on Facebook? This is where your keywords become important.

1st: Speak the language your audience is speaking

Most likely – if you’ve researched keywords – you’ve done research on words and phrases that your target audience is searching for online and you’ve begun to understand the way your audience speaks.

You’ve noticed how they search for things and how they relate to each other. By speaking in the way your audience speaks, you can begin to understand them and have a better conversation with them.

If your audience is searching for things in Facebook, you will be easier to find and will appeal more strongly to them by using keywords they’re familiar with.

2nd: It’s all searchable

Have you gone to Google recently and had a Facebook page show up in your results? It’s all searchable – so why not use the keywords and phrases that you know your audience is searching for?

By using targeted keywords and phrases you are optimizing the chances that your target audience will find your social accounts – and you! You can’t just optimize your website in search, you need to optimize your social accounts too because that’s where the conversation is happening and that’s where your audience already feels comfortable.

Where is your target audience and what are they saying? Are you even on their radar yet? Utilizing target keywords on your social accounts isn’t the magic key, but it’s the first step in appealing to your target audience.

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