Why Content Marketing is the Best Option for Your Travel & Leisure Business

Content Marketing for Travel Indusrty

Blog written by: Matt Rigg – Digital Marketing Expert

Travel and leisure marketing is highly competitive, and high-quality content is increasingly becoming a valuable asset in order to attract potential customers and retain long-term loyalty. The key isn’t to sell, but rather entertain and inform through content marketing, such as blogs, videos and infographics. When visitors read your content, they become familiar with your brand and think of it as a trusted thought-leader in the travel and leisure industry. Through successful content marketing strategy, new visitors become customers and existing customers become loyal customers.

What is Content Marketing in the Travel & Leisure Industry?

Content marketing involves creating and sharing material online through blog and social media posts as well as videos. It is not a “hard sell,” but rather informational. It’s meant to help readers explore a topic that may be related to your business, but not explicitly be all about your business. For some businesses, this may be content related to the areas you serve, such as “Top 10 Things to Do in Orlando, Florida.” Or it could be an infographic on travel statistics in the area. It could be a video that covers the “best packing tips for a weekend getaway.” High-quality content is created when you form original ways to express your knowledge and combine it with the right content marketing strategy.

How Content Marketing Effects Travel & Leisure Businesses

Content marketing has become an important part of a travel and leisure business’s overall marketing strategy. One of the first things users do when planning a trip or booking a hotel, flight or experience is look online. When people are searching for advice, travel tips and reviews online, your brand should be there to give them the information they’re searching for. Then they can click around on your site, read more about your company and become a lead. Establishing your brand as a trusted source on relevant topics is crucial when consumers are making purchasing decisions surrounding your product or service. For example, brands like Hilton Grand Vacations have established themselves as thought-leaders in the timeshare industry by creating content that centers around timeshare ownership and being a resourceful guide for potential buyers.

Where Does SEO Come into Play?

Before you start your content marketing strategy, it’s important to make sure your website is strong and your search engine optimization (SEO) is on point. According to the Conversion Guru, 90% of people don’t go past the first page of Google search results, which means websites ranking on the first page of search engine results will attract a higher number of visitors looking for different travel and leisure services. Make sure your content is SEO-friendly, meaning you have all the front- and back-end SEO completed professionally to ensure your content is visible in search engines, allowing it to rank higher. It’s also important to ensure your website and landing pages are easy-to-navigate and designed for conversions, so users can quickly and swiftly reach out to your company for more info.

How to Get Started with Content Marketing

If you’re ready to implement content marketing, but don’t know where to start, it’s time to contact an advertising agency that specializes in digital marketing for travel and leisure companies. These professionals know the industry and use their expertise to strategize the best content marketing plan for your company’s unique short- and long-term goals. Not only can they help you strategize the best way to become visible in search engines, but they can also create and distribute the content. Whether it’s an engaging video, an in-depth blog article or a beautifully designed infographic, digital writers and specialists create high-quality, unique content that your target audience wants to share.

If your company needs help getting its content marketing strategy started, or if you need an expert to take a look at your current strategy, we’re here to help. Appleton is an award-winning, full-service online marketing agency located in Orlando, Florida. Appleton works with local, national and international clients to deliver custom content, persuasive online ads and expertly crafted campaigns. By implementing valuable and shareable digital content strategies, Appleton can create the perfect social and online marketing experience for your brand and audience. Your Internet advertising goals are worth a conversation: contact us at 407-246-0092 or info@appletoncreative.com.

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