Why Cats Dominate the Internet and Why We Love Them

Here’s an Appleton secret: Sometimes, in the very early stages of our designs, we may use cat photos as placeholders. Why? Because cats are cute and, as almost two million cat videos on YouTube can confirm, cats are funny too. Cat videos and memes are viral sensations. Why do these four-legged, domestic felines dominate the Internet? Mashable.com proposes that:

Cats are cute. The Internet has provided a quick, efficient way to share cute images and content. Cats provide a quick pick-me-up on a sad day and can change your mood rapidly. They also serve as a daily dose of cute, offering instant gratification.

They are a funny distraction. The workplace can be a very stressful and hectic environment. Funny cat videos and memes create instant relief and laughter. They need no prior explanation or knowledge of the subject, and can be enjoyed at any time.

Cats project human emotions. With their very expressive faces and bodies, cats can convey the same emotions as humans. Memes have become increasingly popular because they are captions of human thoughts and jokes. Due to the abundance of cats and cat lovers, there is always room for new witty material.

For more reasons why cats rule the Internet visit: http://on.mash.to/9J5dI8.

And if you want in on the fun, check out ABC News’ report on the top 20 cat videos: http://abcn.ws/RkiL9h.

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