Why Business Card Design Now?

Developing a web presence is a big priority for many of our clients in Orlando and around the country. Consequently, over  the last year at Appleton Creative we’ve seen a growing percentage of interactive and web oriented projects. Perhaps more important is the role of business cards in today’s virtual market.

So in this modern age of interactive address books, iPhones and Blackberrys, has the business card gone the way of the dinosaur? Do business cards still serve a purpose?

To answer that question let’s start by looking at the history of business cards. Visiting cards or calling cards were the predecessors to modern business cards. They were used in Europe and Asia by Aristocrats and Royals as a formal way to announce a personal visit or their arrival when traveling- a symbol of status and nobility. Coincidentally, visiting cards didn’t bear an address or contact information, only a name. Essentially they were a form of personal branding.

Similarly, the modern business card represents the stature and quality of a brand. They help companies acquire new business and retain current customers. At Appleton Creative we believe that a business card is a key part of a company’s overall brand identity.

A few important things to consider when planning for a new business card:

–       Who is the target audience?

–       What defines the brand?

–       What is the personality of the brand?

–       Is the business local to Orlando or a national brand?

Remember that a business card serves a higher purpose than just providing people with contact information. A professional design agency, like Appleton Creative, can take ideas and translate them into working designs that properly represent your brand.

Appleton Creative is an award-winning, creative agency based in Orlando, Fl. We offer professional branding services, including business card design and corporate identity development. To view a few samples of our work or learn more about the advertising and marketing services we provide, please visit our website.

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