What Your Office Says About Your Company

We all know that people judge books by their covers. We can’t help it. According to a study in Psychological Science, it takes a tenth of a second for someone to form an impression of a stranger. Therefore, people walking into your office building have been judging your business since they stepped inside. So what exactly is your office building saying about your company? Does your company’s character and personality match what you want your clients and customers to feel?

Tell Your Story

Start by asking yourself: What is your company culture? What makes your employees proud to work for you? What inspires you and your employees? When you are able to answer these questions honestly, you can begin creating a workspace that tells your story.

Make Each Office Plant Count

With every design decision you make, there should be a purpose. From the vibrant color scheme to the amount of office plants resting in the corners, each piece of your office building should be there for a reason. Do you really need that giant pink flamingo welcoming your customers inside? If you’re a creative, fun and spunky business that wants to emit humor in your foyer feng shui, then sure, why not? As long as it conveys your company’s personality, you can’t go wrong.

Reasons for Revamping

Why should you give your building a major makeover? Here are a few reasons it’s important to revamp your workspace.

  1. You have the opportunity to set your company apart from its competitors. Customers and clients will remember you if you have a unique office building or workspace they’ve never seen before. This is your chance to leave a visual stamp of your company in their minds. Don’t miss out! Use your logo or brand colors throughout the space to reinforce your brand and create a solid brand image.
  2. You can change your culture. If your company culture isn’t what you want it to be, now is your chance to change it. Express aspects of your business with visuals. If your company is energetic and spirited, then paint the walls a bright and lively yellow. Your culture is on display, so make sure you’re sending the message you want, both to your employees and customers.
  3. Employee happiness. Your employees are the people engaged the most by your office building’s style. When you give the space personality, your employees take pride in it and feel value in the company. They’re more likely to be happy with the work they produce when they have a workspace that complements them. Talk to them about the redesign and see what they think. Chances are they’ll have great ideas from a fresh perspective.

From furniture to paint colors and décor, your office building (both inside and out) speaks volumes about your company. Is it messy or immaculate? Is the décor traditional and safe or contemporary and intriguing? Your office conveys an image to your customers, clients and your employees. If you want to keep them coming into your building, accurately convey your story and what your company is all about.

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