What Does Facebook Going Public Mean for Brands?

Facebook changed the way we communicate with our family, our friends and, in some cases, even our enemies. And at Appleton Creative, our primary objective for clients is effective communication whether it’s through brand consistency or marketing storytelling, so when Facebook went public on May 18, we paid attention.

Unfortunately, Facebook’s public debut had too much buzz and not enough pop. Analysts predicted the stock to soar on its first day but instead Wall Street struggled to keep the stock from slipping below its offering price of $38 a share, closing at $38.23.

But the billion-dollar question that’s on everyone’s mind is: what does that mean for brands?

Expect More Advertising

Have you recently noticed that Facebook has introduced “sponsored stories,” “mobile news feed ads,” and “logout ads”? Advertising dollars help continuous revenue growth and in order to keep stock from dropping, Facebook will continue to push innovative online advertising options.

Expect More Acquisitions

Back in April, Facebook spent roughly $1 billion to purchase the hugely popular photo-sharing application, Instagram. With additional revenue, Facebook will have the ability to invest in more tech companies, like Instagram. This means the platform will be able to expand its features and let users share additional content.

Expect Less Frequent Changes

Timeline may be here to stay… hopefully. As a public company, Facebook may become less inclined to update or change its product as often as it did in the past. We hope Facebook stays agile, so brands don’t have to worry about Facebook’s next dramatic shift.

At Appleton Creative we can adapt your ever-changing needs in online marketing. We specialize in concept and strategic development, including social marketing. To speak with us directly, contact us at info@appleatoncreative.com or 407-246-0092 x7.

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