We’ve Got The Beat! Why? Because It Sells. Six Key Elements For Using Music Effectively In Advertising

Establishing an emotional connection with your viewer is the strongest way to retain their attention. However, creating such a connection requires special tools, tactics and some creative elbow grease. But what do we, as marketers, have at our disposable that hosts the ability to instill and alter emotions? That’s easy—music. Music is used in approximately three-quarters of broadcasted advertisements in North America with over sixty billion broadcasted advertising hours aired to consumers annually.

Think about it. The most effective advertising pieces out there often feature tactfully placed musical numbers. With the continual increase of mobile video streaming and Internet radio usage, the power of music cannot be overlooked. Regardless of the constant change in the advertising field, music as a tool will never be obsolete.

David Huron, a specialist in music cognition, has identified 6 key elements for using music effectively in advertising. Each element has been outlined below for a better understanding of how music can work for you:

1) Entertainment

When an ad is truly entertaining, it ceases to be a trespasser in the consumer’s mind, cultivating feelings of fun and excitement. Remember, music serves to enhance your brand’s identity.

2) Structure/Continuity

Syncing the message, imagery and soundtrack perfectly is crucial in connecting with your audience. Be sure to select the right musical option.

3) Memorability

Music has a tendency to linger in the mind, whether willing or not. Let’s test the theory “M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E…” if you can finish this melody and don’t have trouble getting it out of your head today, please share your secret with us.

4) Lyrical Language

Song has a direct correlation with emotional feelings. Use of tone and pitch, regardless of what’s actually spoken, can sway your audience in a desired direction. Try saying something trite, then in turn singing the same statement. Not surprisingly the sung version will always sound more appealing.

5) Targeting

Identifying your target is key to success. With the expansion of mobile streaming, online radio, video and social media, it’s now even more important to know and engage your target strategically by identifying the type of music that appeals them. Music exists today in all mediums, even print. (ex: greeting cards)

6) Credibility

All brands depend on credibility to thrive because perspective is reality. Backing a brand with a testimonial or celebrity endorsement adds visibility and authority. Celebrities singing a jingle or rapping about headphones generates buzz and bucks.

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