We’ve Got a Brain Crush on You!

Sharing your genius has never been more fun! Appleton Creative and friends shared in an extraordinary journey into the mind Thursday night during our second annual Brain Crush party. A stimulating and explorative experience, the event featured brain-busting games, live 3D printing by DeltaMaker, an oxygen bar, a psychic on site and more!

Were you at the event and wondered how you ranked in the Brain Games? Here are the correct answers:


Thirteen “25”s were integrated into the first floor public areas of Appleton creative. Bonus points if you found additional “25”s!

  1. Under a glass table near the Oxygen Bar
  2. In the center of the fireplace in the main gallery
  3. On the leg of the green bench in front of the Giving Circle
  4. In the green center square of the Giving Circle
  5. On the light fixture above the 3D printer station
  6. Above the front door
  7. On a post on the stairs
  8. On a clock in the conference room
  9. On the phone button in the conference room (bonus point if you also saw the date, 7/25, on the phone screen)
  10. One of the paintings in the conference room was marked 17/25
  11. Art piece #25 in the gallery
  12. Inside the light fixture in the conference room
  13. On the historic cameras in the video suite hallway
  14. $250 price of one of the paintings in the gallery
  15. Times on the psychic sign-up sheet

brain crush scavenger hunt


Did your memory pass the test? Most guests answered three out of five correctly.

  1. Name one of the numbers on any of the racecars. Answer(s): 12, 18, 20, 33, 77, 80
  2. How many piano keys were white? Answer: One
  3. Name one of the flavors of Pop Tarts in the photo. Answer(s): Hot Fudge Sundae, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Chip, S’mores, Cherry
  4. All of the runners were wearing the same brand name jersey. What brand was it? Answer: Nike
  5. Which way was the campfire? Answer: Left

 brain crush memory game


Were you able to see all of the hidden images? Many guests could not see any.

  1. Dragon
  2. Ship
  3. Girl in mushroom cave
  4. Horse
  5. Deer

 brain crush hologram art


To see your red carpet entrance photos, visit our Facebook page.

Diana LaRue and Michael Speltz of Appleton Creative

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