We’re Chatty About Snapchat’s New Advertising Options

Snapchat's Advertising Options for Small Business

In recent years, Snapchat has been a ghost town for small businesses, well not anymore. The social media application has unveiled its new advertising options that are cheaper and more efficient than ever before. Popular among publishers, magazines and media companies, Snapchat is the ideal social media platform to target millennials. Previously, Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc., only catered to well-known brands that could afford the high costs of video ads and lenses. With 158 million daily active users, it’s no wonder why the company decided to extend its opportunities for smaller businesses. If you’re hoping to advertise on Snapchat for business reasons, it’s key to understand what the features are and how to take advantage of them.

New Tools

The recent additions encourage small businesses to pursue advertising through the popular social media app because it’s offering more reasonably priced options. As of now, purchasing video advertisements is the only option that is currently available through ad manager, however, there is also an individual self-serve tool for geofilters. These options are currently being tested by more than 20 companies, but will be released to the public in June.

  • Ad Manager: Allows companies to purchase advertisements directly through Snapchat and customize which users they want to target, develop creative content and oversee results.
  • Mobile Dashboard: Advertisers are able to observe content as it appears to the everyday user. Through the tool, companies can also review information and receive notifications about major metrics.
  • Business Manager: This tool lets you control who has access to the account, as well as manage billing contracts.

Before these features, it was difficult to purchase ads because companies would have to go through Snapchat’s sales team or even a third-party source that would usually charge a fee. Because of the complicated process and the costly price tag attached to its advertising options, only big brands could consider using Snapchat. To give you an idea, sponsored lenses with lifespans that only last up to a day could cost anywhere between $450,000-$700,000. Now, small businesses can finally manage their own campaigns for a sensible amount.


It’s been noted that ads on Snapchat are viewed up to a million times per day. As enticing as this number may be to an advertiser, it’s crucial to consider who your target audience is before investing. If you’re attempting to reach millennials, Snapchat is an ideal outlet to gain attention because they make up seven out of ten users. It’s also important to keep in mind that 70% of users are female. With this information, you can better decipher whether your ads are geared toward the majority of Snapchat’s users.

How to Stand Out

The characteristic that sets Snapchat apart from other social media platforms is that it encourages users and advertisers to be as wacky and creative as possible. Because most of Snapchat’s content is out of the ordinary, it’s essential to make sure your advertisements are attention grabbing. Taco Bell is one of the notorious brands that utilizes Snapchat for business purposes. Just last Cinco de Mayo, the company unleashed a lens which morphed users’ heads into tacos to promote the return of its “Diablo Sauce”. The eye-catching filter was viewed up to 224 million times in just a single day. This outreach was considered successful because not only was the company able to announce the reappearance of its beloved sauce in a unique way, but it also demonstrated that Taco Bell is able to keep up with the latest advertising techniques.

Snapchat’s groundbreaking evolution is going to change the advertising game for small businesses. Snapchat for businesses, big and small, is the prime advertising tool to reach millennials via social media. The key is to develop entertaining video ads that will grasp users’ attentions. With this in mind, small businesses can finally delve into one of the hottest trends in social advertising today.

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