weLEAD Women to Empowerment

I never dreamed about success. I worked for it. -Estee Lauder

weLEADorlando.com is live and available to you as the women’s professional resource in Central Florida. The weLEAD ecosystem is a place for women entrepreneurs and executives to share information, grow in their careers and support one another’s endeavors. It’s a community where women can create greater individual and group success through collaboration and relationships.

The weLEAD concept began in 2014 as the vision of Christi Ashby, Leslie Hielema and Shelley Lauten, with the guidance and development of Diana LaRue and Amy Wise from the executive marketing team at Appleton Creative. As all of the collaborators were heavily involved in the community and in women’s professional groups, they recognized the lack of a centralized hub of information for businesswomen and entrepreneurs. The idea developed into the need for a free and accessible website that supports women in Orlando, and, eventually, in other communities.

“The mission of weLEAD is to supply resources and support opportunities that empower women to lead.”

Appleton designed and programmed the weLEAD website over time and in collaboration with the core visionaries and a number of peer focus groups. The resulting website is interactive and fully responsive, packed with resources for associations and organizations, leadership development, global initiatives, start-ups and much more. Appleton also developed a weLEAD button that makes it even easier for supporters to promote their inclusion in weLEAD and grow the concept.

You can visit the free and easy to use weLEAD website at weLEADorlando.com. To lend your voice and contribute to the ecosystem, you may submit your resource for approval to be featured on the website.

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