Website Launch Korte & Kowatch- Accounting For Life

Most businesses need their message delivered to a wide set of prospective costumers. Some, however, strategically position themselves to serve a few. Korte & Kowatch, a full-service accounting and consulting firm located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is one such company.  Their specialized services are sought after by a specific audience, which they serve exclusively. Services focus on family-centered financial situations, hence their slogan: “Accounting For Life.”

After previously crafting the Korte & Kowatch brand, Appleton Creative was commissioned to develop a website set to launch the brand and give it a home online. Having served a niche market for over 10 years, the accounting duo needed to tell their story in a way that would bring their unique approach to the accounting field to the forefront.

Korte & Kowatch provide services to high-net-worth individuals and families with complex financial affairs involving legal and tax-related concerns such as estate planning and tax compliance. The men behind the firm shatter the poker-faced accountant stereotype with a down-to-earth spirit and sense of humor their customers adore. Our challenge was to create a website that could capture this very personality and still inform users about what the firm does and why they do it.

Our programmers, developers and designers created a digital home base that balances the culture of the company with the professionalism customers have come to know. The new website, complete with motion graphics, serves as a resource for both new and existing customers. The space allows the firm to feature the entire team behind the operation, further humanizing their approach. The pages within shape their brand’s persona, from service offerings to philanthropic outreach, with the use of copy, compelling visuals and quotes from previous customers.


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