The Optics of Effective Web Design with LightPath Technologies

orlando web design agency lends its talents to lightpath technologies

Have you ever wondered how lenses like the ones in cameras or microscopes are made? Meet LightPath Technologies, a leader in optics and photonics solutions for more than 30 years. As an optics manufacturer, LightPath designs, creates and distributes critical machinery components, including lenses, collimators and assembly products.

LightPath’s vision is to grow into a fully integrated manufacturer and supplier, and it’s succeeding well with international offices spanning three continents, including North America, Asia and Europe — and LightPath isn’t done growing yet. It recently acquired ISP Optics Corporation, an integrated manufacturer of infrared products.

With 10 product lines featuring lenses and other optical parts, ISP Optics offers built-to-print components and custom assemblies. Working as its web design company based in Orlando, we were tasked with developing a new ecommerce site to showcase the product lines, present information and provide an avenue for consumers to make a purchase.

Because it’s an ecommerce site, our Orlando web design and development team implemented a retail-heavy focus. Across the site, we gave consumers multiple touchpoints for purchasing opportunities, including eye-catching “Add to Cart” buttons on each individual product page. Additionally, a large shopping cart icon is prominently shown at the top of the site to remind consumers of their waiting purchases. Along with the commerce focus, ISP Optics’ new site is easily navigable and built entirely responsive. A “sticky” menu with drop-down options and a dynamic scrolling slider on the homepage allow visitors to effortlessly find what they’re looking.

Along with the complete website redesign for ISP Optics, our video production team is working with its parent company LightPath to update its corporate video materials.

Whether you’re a start-up company or an established business branching out, a user-friendly and engaging website is a must to attract customers and entice them to take action. A qualified web design agency can design and develop an effective site to meet your marketing objectives.

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