Walker Miller Celebrates 50 Years With an Updated Online Store and a Whole Lot of Heavy Machinery!

Walker Miller Equipment Company, an Orlando construction equipment dealer/distributor established in 1961, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary in a way most suited to its industry — with lots of heavy machinery.

Equipment manufacturer Wacker Neuson selected Walker Miller to be one of only four distributors in the nation to be a stop along its equipment roadshow. Guests were invited to view and demo equipment, including getting behind the controls of one of its vertical digging system excavators. Those who took upon this challenge were tasked with carefully grabbing softballs from the tops of narrow construction partitions, and dropping them into an orange bin… all without knocking anything down!

Despite being told it was “just like playing a video game,” our visiting web strategist, Jamie Kruger, only managed to pickup one of five softballs. (Though by the end of the day, 0 for 5 was a typical score.)

Thankfully, Jamie’s online performance for Appleton clients fares much better, as he has recently finished an SEO overhaul of the Walker Miller online store. Where the website was previously invisible to Google, today it appears at the top of results for most of the thousands of parts it stocks, enabling Walker Miller to more effectively branch out of the Florida region.

Appleton Creative looks forward to Walker Miller enjoying their next 50 successful years!

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