The Benefits of Video Marketing for Businesses

Benefits of Video Marketing

Video has been dominating the internet in recent years, which is why marketing teams are making it a priority when conceptualizing new strategies. There are countless benefits that arise from video marketing, especially ones involving potential customers. Online video has become such a staple in marketing campaigns that one in four consumers actually lose interest in companies that don’t offer video. Even if your company hasn’t taken advantage of this opportunity, it’s never too late to understand how video can help your business.

The Benefits of Video Marketing


Since video is currently accountable for 74% of online traffic, it’s imperative for your company to have a strong online presence. If your company is looking to initiate its online activity or continue developing it, posting video content is a valuable way to gain attention. Simply Measured found that Facebook videos are shared 1,200% more than text posts and links. Through video marketing, your company can garner exposure to a wider audience. Video marketing’s effect on exposure has such a significant impact, that 52% of marketers are convinced that it promotes brand awareness. Video content is a strategic move in reaching out to potential consumers that may not be exposed to your brand yet.

Build Trust

Developing better exposure is only the first step in reaping the benefits of video marketing. Increasing your online presence through video marketing is a sure way to build trust with your followers. Video is a powerful conversation starter because it can encourage them to ask questions about your product or business, allowing your company to build a personal connection with your audience. A recent study revealed that users are 10 times more likely to interact with video content than any other social post. This type of interaction can eventually build customer loyalty because your company will be able to exhibit honesty and interest in your audience.

Boost Sales

Video is the ideal tool to demonstrate products to possible customers. MultiVisionDigital found that 64% of users are likely to purchase a product online after watching an explainer video. Not only does this type of video allow potential consumers to fully understand products, but it also creates a sense of comfort that encourages them to make purchases. Another way companies can boost sales is by embedding videos on their website’s landing pages. Including a video on a landing page used in a marketing campaign can potentially increase sale conversions by 80%. Videos can provoke visitors to stay on web pages longer, causing them to absorb more information and engage with the content.

Investing in a video marketing strategy will greatly enhance your company’s overall success. Heightening exposure, trust and sales are prime examples of how video can help your business. Clearly, now’s the time to start incorporating video into your company’s marketing campaign. If you’re looking for professional assistance, a video marketing team will help guide you in the right direction.

So what are you waiting for? Team up with a video marketing company, and learn how video can help your business. Appleton Creative is one of the top advertising agencies in Orlando, Florida. As an award-winning, full-service agency, we work with local, national and international clients to deliver compelling visual stories that speak to audiences in the most influential way — through their emotions. Your video and film production goals are worth a conversation: contact us at 407-246-0092 or

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