Victory Cup Initiative: The Ultimate Goodwill with the Ultimate Website

Award-Winning nonprofit Website

Victory Cup Initiative, an annual philanthropic competition, works to provide a platform for Central Florida nonprofits to tell their stories, partner with local business and win grant money ranging from $1,000 to $20,000. In just the last two years, Victory Cup Initiative has provided over $80,000 to various charitable organizations with the generous help of event sponsors.

Presented by Vann Strategies, Victory Cup Initiative was conceptualized by Ashley Vann, a renowned philanthropist throughout Central Florida. Vann realized there was a real need to connect local nonprofits with donors eager to give back to the Orlando community and Victory Cup Initiative, the ultimate goodwill event, was born.

Appleton was tasked with creating a website that combines Victory Cup Initiative’s mission with beautiful form and practical functionality. For us, the project was completed using technical know-how, artistic prowess and a whole lot of creativity. In fact, our work on Victory Cup Initiative’s award-winning nonprofit website earned a Creativity International Award for the media and interactive design category.

Since 1970, the Creativity International Awards have presented trophies to the best advertising projects from around the world. This year’s entries came from 26 countries, three Canadian Provinces and 22 U.S. states. Appleton was honored to have won this coveted award for Victory Cup Initiative under the nonprofit and public service category because the event’s altruistic nature deserves recognition.

The award-winning nonprofit website was designed with several key components in mind: responsiveness, intuitiveness and attractiveness. Each part of Victory Cup Initiative’s website serves as an important symbol of the event’s mission. The name is meant to inspire philanthropy and goodwill while the six sides of the hexagonal shapes found throughout the website design represent virtuous qualities such as, sincerity, truth and harmony. The hexagons themselves symbolize portals of energy as a reference to the event’s high-octane atmosphere.

Victory Cup Initiative’s website is now easily viewable on any platform including, desktop, tablet and mobile. The information necessary to understand what the event is and how it happens is placed in a strategic manner that mimics your brain’s natural stream of thoughts. This made the content easy to consumer and enjoyable. We also ensured that the brand colors, fonts and logo were implemented in an effective way to help viewers retain the brand’s look for recall at a later date.

In addition to Victory Cup Initiative’s website, Appleton serves as the marketing support for the annual event. This includes designing the entire brand look, curating social media and other innovative public relations services and providing promotional and event collateral. Appleton also produces other digital and video marketing services to promote the event.

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