Up in a Creative Cloud

Adobe recently released a brand new service for their consumers- the Creative Cloud. It’s rated highly by the design and advertising industries because of its affordable subscription pricing (monthly payments), accessibility of the entire creative suite with free updates, and online storage for collaboration between team members. The Adobe Creative Cloud is essentially a one-stop shop for creativity; quite a change from the permanent licensing of previous releases. It is too early to tell if this product from the company is a success, but it does have great potential.

Appleton Creative recommends the Creative Cloud for:

  • Students and teachers: Oh, the perks of academia. Fortunately for you, the Creative Cloud is only $29.99 a month with the education discount annual contract. It is great to use for class or to try out during the quest for a fitting career.
  • Bargainers: Lets be honest: the Creative Suite Master Collection is expensive. If you are on a tight budget, the creative cloud is a great option.
  • Adobe users/small businesses/design firms: If you are an individual or company that uses multiple Adobe applications frequently, subscribing to the creative cloud would be cheaper and more useful to meet your needs.

Of course, the decision of keeping the traditional Adobe applications or changing to the Creative Cloud is up to you. We are curious to see how this new innovation will change our industry.

If you like more information and product comparisons, check out Adobe’s Buying Guide and product comparisons.

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