Combining Apples & Oranges for UCF Downtown Campus Interactive Experience

UCF Downtown Campus Lobby

Working with Dr. Phillips Charities, Appleton recently completed physical and digital environmental branding for the University of Central Florida’s new Downtown Orlando campus. As experts in the complex, full-scale nuances that come with environmental branding projects, we conceptualized and produced high-quality artwork and interactive touchscreen application for the northeast lobby of the Dr. Phillips Academic Commons at the vibrant, bustling new campus.

The Dr. Phillips name is well-recognized in the Central Florida community, known for being a major economic and philanthropic presence. To honor the legacy  and this tremendous entrepreneur, Dr. Philip Phillips, we partnered with Dr. Phillips Charities to showcase the rich history and impact Dr. Phillips has made since the turn of the 20th century at the UCF Downtown campus.

The Dr. Phillips Academic Commons features four floors of active learning spaces, including classrooms, a library, study spots, a moot court and offices. This state-of-the-art facility overlooks Creative Village’s central park and now displays the incredible past of Dr. Phillips.

To bring his past to life, we created an innovative, interactive touchscreen experience for students to learn about Dr. Phillips’ history and latest endeavors, take a selfie with the man himself and stay up-to-date on current UCF events. One particularly unique feature was the “Are you an Entrepreneur” game, where students can take a short quiz to find out what type of entrepreneur, philanthropist or philanpreneur they are — all while learning facts about the Dr. Phillips’ legacy.

Dr. Phillips Touchscreen

In addition to the technological branding within the academic commons, we also implemented space designs for the walls and columns with rich, beautiful graphical elements that illustrate the Dr. Phillips Charities brand while simultaneously maintaining UCF’s iconic branding.


The new space’s design now magnificently pays homage to a legacy that has spanned several generations, bringing it into the lives of today’s young minds that will create and maintain their own legacies. Next time you’re in Downtown Orlando, be sure to stop by to see the artwork, experience the dynamic technology and learn more about the man who made a huge economic impact on Central Florida.

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