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There are several types of out-of-home (OOH) advertising avenues that offer impactful results to meet your unique marketing needs. OOH advertising works well in both standalone awareness campaigns or as an integrated amplifier of your overall marketing strategy. The different types of OOH advertising aren’t one-size-fits-all; each one offers different benefits to help you reach your goal.


When referring to out-of-home advertising, billboards often come to mind first. There’s good reason for this. Billboards accounted for more than two-thirds of all OOH sales in 2017, and they provide several advantages for businesses looking to reach large audiences.

  • High visibility: Concentrated along major areas of traffic, billboards offer high visibility, leading to increased recall in consumer consideration sets.
  • Constancy: Consumers often drive the same roads daily, whether it’s to their work, gym or school routes. Repetitively seeing a billboard establishes your product or service as a viable choice in the consumer’s mind. In fact, 71% of consumers remember the ads they see. Billboards also act as an effective reminder; 32% of viewers visit a store the same week they saw the billboard ad.

creative food billboards

Forking Fresh Campaign

The effectiveness of billboards relies heavily on buying space in optimal locations. It’s important to work with a media buying team that knows the designated market areas in your location and can negotiate the best deal for your budget.

Public Transit

Investing in transit OOH offers a strategic way to gain large areas of exposure and increase recall in your target audience. Transit OOH is generally placed on buses, subway cars and taxis. There are three standard exterior sizes of coverage: queen-size, king-size and full wrap, as well as fully wrapped interior options. Tail signs and interior cards are available, too. Transit offers several advantages to businesses:

  • A captive audience: Advertisements placed inside a bus or subway car are seen by consumers who spend on average 105 minutes per day using public transit.
  • Point of purchase marketing: Regardless of whether your target audience uses public transit, it’s a frequent sight on the road for drivers and pedestrians. If a consumer sees your ad on the way to a store, they may be more likely to purchase your product because it’s fresh in their mind.

creative van wrap ideas

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando Vehicle Wrap

To minimize challenges associated with transit creative, work with an experienced advertising agency to ensure the copy and design requirements for your advertising are executed without issues.


Guerrilla OOH is a form of outdoor advertising that relies on the element of surprise for effectiveness. It’s classified by innovative creative mediums placed in unconventional locations, often at a low cost to clients. Using guerrilla OOH offers the following advantages:

  • Creative freedom: This type of out-of-home advertising allows your creativity to run free. Since there are fewer physical limitations, you can focus your efforts on developing unique advertising ideas and elements.
  • Memorability: The atypical creative tactics used in guerrilla marketing mean consumers are more likely to remember the uniqueness.

Orlando Giving Tree event

Foundation for Foster Children Giving Tree at Lake Eola

To get the most out of your guerrilla OOH, work with an agency skilled in elevating creative ideas to the next level.

Out-of-home advertising offers effective avenues to help you meet your objectives. From billboards to vehicles to guerilla tactics, let a qualified agency select the best option for you.

Make outdoor advertising part of your marketing strategy. We’re ready to help you utilize this robust and effective medium to gain impressive results for your business. Appleton Creative is one of the top advertising agencies in Orlando, Florida. As an award-winning, full-service agency, we specialize in media buying for local, national and international clients. Appleton leverages relationships with the media to craft a media strategy and plan that is constantly monitored, optimized and analyzed. Appleton delivers multimedia and multi-market campaigns for companies through meticulously placed billboards, advertisements, print publications, radio, TV and online pay-per-click services. Your media planning and buying goals are worth a conversation: contact us at 407-246-0092 or info@appletoncreative.com.

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