How Using Traditional Marketing Supports Your Brand Online

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The influence of the digital age is not to be underestimated. From news and entertainment to companies and consumers, it seems like everything and everyone is heading to the internet. But don’t be fooled, traditional advertising and marketing strategies are needed to support and boost your brand.


Physical items can make a big impact in this increasingly paperless world. They show the client that you’re looking to connect on a real level, and tangible items leave them something to remember you by.

Creating an innovative and eye-catching brochure that highlights your brand is a great way to make a statement. This gives the prospective client something to reference while they listen to your pitch, to hold onto to read it later or to share with others. Let this piece make a statement about your company’s creativity and attention to detail.

Promotional products, or “keepers” as they’re known in the industry, are a fantastic way to show potential clients that your company can help in more ways than one. By providing branded merchandise, such as unique or useful desk items, flash drives, etc., every time they see or use your product, they’ll remember your company. Donating your company’s products as a prize in local contests is a good option, too. Doing so will raise awareness and bring good public relations to your company.

A classic example of a strong tangible marketing tool is a business card. There’s good reason that these items have been around for so long — they’re simple and easy to distribute. Getting creative in your business card design is a plus. Make it two-fold so you can include a short list of services and client names. Have you thought about getting creative in the placement of your business cards as well? Don’t settle for just handing them out during a meeting or at a conference — think creatively. Include your business cards with the tip at a restaurant or on a bulletin board at your local Starbucks. Go to the library and put them in industry-related books. People will think fate has worked its magic or they’ll appreciate the creativity. 

Traditional Advertising

Traditional marketing methods, such as print, radio, television and outdoor billboards, are most familiar to clients. They still serve as persuasive tools to reach your audience, and they can be used to support your online brand.

Take advantage of billboards in your area because they gain a high amount of visibility. The average person spends 20 hours a week on the road, and 71% of people often look at billboards as they drive by. If billboards are not appropriate for your strategy, minimize your marketing efforts. Ask, “Where would my target audience be and where would they utilize alternative traditional methods of marketing?” in order to achieve the best results.

Direct mail is another traditional method that gets results. Eighty one percent of online users like receiving special offers through the mail. This contrasts most peoples’ opinions of email spam. Direct mail is also more trustworthy than emails because opening a letter holds no threat of a virus. Plus, direct mail offers great ways to get creative with design and copy. You can even include a keepsake as mentioned before.

Tweet: “Eighty one percent of online users like receiving special offers through the mail.”

Think about the trade publications that you read or your company subscribes to. Advertising in trade presses supports your online brand by increasing reach. Industry experts read these magazines for information, and by placing your company in the pages, you’ll be seen as a thought-leader. This increases your persuasive abilities and makes your brand appear professional and forward-thinking.

Personal Contacts

Even in this technology-focused society, people are still the greatest commodity. Building relationships can yield greater results in the long run. Talking with people one-on-one overrides automated calls or online message boards hands down. There is something about human connection that will always make an impact in marketing.

Networking events are a great offline marketing method. By going to these events, your company is represented in the local or national sector and you’ll gain valuable references. In addition, by collaborating with other professionals, your company appears to be an industry leader, which supports your online brand.

Be a thought leader in your area of expertise and set up speaking engagements. There is no better audience than one that is interested in your topic and eager to hear about something new in your industry. For companies focused on marketing their online brand, these types of personal connections can be golden. Be sure to have a speech prepared, and when writing the speech, think about how to best tie in your brand without seeming artificial.

Trade shows are a highly effective way to connect with potential clients that are at a show specifically to meet companies like yours. Trade shows give you an opportunity to showcase the best you have to offer and allow you to have a direct connection with those who are interested. Industry fairs are a similar dynamic and allow your company to bring products and prototypes to demonstrate to potential clients. Other than a direct client meeting, a trade show meeting is the perfect combination of personal pitch and demonstration to win potential new business.

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