Together, We Did It: Zebra Coalition Holiday Donation Numbers Look Great

Appleton Creative takes great pleasure in congratulating longtime client and friend, Zebra Coalition®, on their tremendous accomplishments during these past few months. Thanks to the generosity of in-kind donors, Zebra raised over $90,000 during the holidays! Selfless giving is what allows Zebra to continue providing the critical continuum of services they offer to Central Florida’s LGBT+ youth, ages 13 to 24.

The Zebra Coalition was established in response to the growing number of LGBT+ youth who are experiencing homelessness, bullying, extreme physical and sexual abuse, isolation from their families, and a wide range of life challenges or setbacks. Appleton Creative is an avid supporter of the coalition and has worked closely with Zebra on numerous projects over the years.

Recently, the Appleton team was brought on to conceptualize and visually craft campaign materials for Zebra’s anti-bullying campaign. The campaign ran through 102 schools within the Orange County Public School district and helped to change negative preconceptions and alter the mindsets of those with lesser understanding of how hurtful certain remarks can be to LGBT+ students.

We’re proud to support the Zebra Coalition and plan to continue fostering hope and providing aid to those in need, in any way we can.

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