Three Ways to Envision a Small Business Makeover

So, you’ve decided that your small business needs a makeover. Where do you focus your attention? There are many aspects of a business to consider for improvement. You can conduct a needs assessment to see what aspects of the company need improvement. Use strategic planning methods to prioritize these needs. Begin with the top priorities that are within your firm’s ability to change. These three examples can help you brainstorm how to improve your company from the inside out:

  1. Identify ways to bring customer feedback to your desk. You will find as a small business owner that some weaknesses in your company relate directly to the ways you are spread too thin. For example, if you exercise tight controls, you might not get all of the information you need to make good business decisions. If you can understand what customers need by getting their opinions and ideas, you can make better decisions. Surveys are excellent for this. There are many survey programs and services out there for an affordable fee. Zip Survey and Survey Monkey are just to name a few.
  2. Look for opportunities to take over the market share from your competitors. Improving your company doesn’t always begin with looking inward at the status quo. If you watch the business landscape, you can determine potential ways to make over your company. For example, you can redirect the company’s resources toward more profitable products and services, and focus your strategic planning on consuming part of your competitors’ market share.
  3. Align your business goals with human resources objectives. Savvy small business owners prioritize employee needs over other business needs. They recognize the value of human resources. Use strategic planning to align business goals with HR goals. Be sure to get employee input in the planning process. Keep in mind that you need to ensure changing your HR processes also adds value for customers.

Making over a business requires business planning. Study what you can do inside and outside your company to make it more competitive. With a continuous improvement mindset, you can transform your small business into a lucrative company.


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