Three Reasons Why Printed Books Will Never Die

It is true. EBooks save space on bookshelves and provides convenience, selection, portability, and multimedia on the go. Why bring heavy books everywhere when you can have an entire electronic library in the palm of your hand? Even with this ease of access, however, there is something about tangible books and physically turning a page that has stood the test of technology. Here are a few from Mashable’s list of why printed books will never die:

1. Books are beautiful & nostalgic. Sure, eBooks can have vivid, colorful digital covers, but nothing can replace the impact of a physical book. For art connoisseurs and true bookworms, print is the only medium that will satisfy. Books have a unique smell, feel, and weight, allowing the reader to have an experience that involves all of the senses.

2. Books have provenance. Books are physical objects that can recall memories of the past. Digital books can’t become personal artifacts. Paper has a lasting value and that many people can appreciate.

3. Printed books are collectable. Each copy is unique and individual to that reader. A hardcover version on one’s shelf is similar to an original painting on your wall. Printed books are immediately more precious and appreciated as higher quality.

Luckily, in today’s technology industry, print books do not have to disappear for e-books to flourish, and e-books don’t have to be the only choice. Different audiences will have different preferences, giving each medium its own importance. For more of Mashable’s article on why printed books will never die, visit Mashable.

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