Think Twitter Ads Aren’t for Your Brand? Think Again

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As of 2019, Twitter’s monthly active user count is a whopping 336 million with about 500 million tweets posted daily. That’s 6,000 tweets per second. Depending on your marketing objective, Twitter can effectively boost your digital marketing strategy for engagement, targeting, website conversions, lead generations and more. With so many eyes on Twitter today, not advertising on this popular social media platform would be a huge miss for your brand.

Why Twitter Ads?

Twitter offers unique, innovative ways to cater to your social media marketing needs with various targeting tactics to reach your audience. Compared to other social media platforms, Twitter’s audience is smaller, however, this is not a bad thing; it’s actually its greatest strength. On Twitter, you can target by hashtags or specific keywords used in tweets, users who have previously engaged with your tweets, users who have yet to follow your page and users who have followed specific accounts relevant to your brand. This allows you to reach very niched audiences other social media ad platforms can’t compare with. Twitter also has a cheap bidding platform, which means the price you pay-per-click is what others are willing to pay, which could be pennies. Since you only pay when you achieve your marketing objective, each click could only cost you two to three cents, which allows you to stretch your ad spending budget much farther.

What are the 8 types of ads you can choose from?

Twitter offers a variety of advertising options, which can aid in awareness, engagement, re-targeting, lead generation and website conversions. This is done through sponsored content, images, videos and more. Here are eight of Twitter’s best advertising options and what they can do for your brand.

  1. Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets is the more basic ad type Twitter offers, but it’s also the most beneficial due to its organic look on a users Twitter feed. Whenever your brand creates a tweet, there’s an option to sponsor it. It acts like any normal tweet would and allows users to engage by liking, commenting and retweeting, while also reaching a wider audience to gain more followers. The ad is also featured in search results, in user’s timelines if the ad is relevant to them, on other user’s profiles and on both desktop and mobile applications which allows for more users to see it. This ad type is great for awareness inititiaves for your brand, but you can choose other campaign objectives as you wish, such as lead generations to your website.

  1. Promoted Accounts

Promoted accounts allow your brand’s Twitter account to naturally be placed in a user’s feed who have yet to follow your account, in the Who To Follow section and in search results. With this, you can explain what your brand is about and include a follow button for users to click on if they’re interested in learning more. It’s another great way to create awareness and is best used to build a more engaged audience, gain new customers and inspire loyal brand advocates.

  1. Promoted Trends

Once you create a hashtag, this type of ad can send it to the top of the trending hashtag list. When users click on a promoted trend, it takes them to the search results page where your promoted tweet will show at the top of the screen. This allows you to gain exposure very quickly, and depending on how clever your hashtag is, it can really take off with users using it in their tweets. Be creative!

  1. App Cards

If your brand has a mobile application, this type of ad is perfect for enticing users to install it on their phones. With 80% of Twitter users on their mobile devices, this is a no-brainer. The app card includes an area for a visual, ad copy and a download button to take users to their designated app store.  With Twitter’s unique targeting, you can find just who you need to drive app installs.

  1. Lead Generation Cards

Looking to generate more leads? Look no further. This ad type provides your brand the opportunity to create a highly targeted advertisement to generate the leads you need. Lead generation cards include a button that bring users to your website’s landing page where they can enter their information to sign up for your services, get a discount on your products or simply to learn more information.

  1. Summary Cards

Summary cards feature a large image to grab the user’s attention to generate website leads. Your brand can utilize this to its fullest if done correctly. A report in 2017 found that 78% of Twitter users found image-based content increased their buyer intent in the ecommerce industries. Summary cards are also great for showcasing blog posts, whitepapers and more to drive traffic to your website. Once the image is clicked, it takes the user directly to your website or desired landing page.

  1. Gallery Cards

If you have more than one photo you want to showcase in your ad, gallery cards are the way to go. Here, you can feature multiple photos showcasing the different services or products you provide to users. Once the ad is clicked, it will direct them to your website to give them more information on your product or service.

  1. Player Cards

This is where you can get really creative. The player card can feature a video, hilarious gif, or even music to advertise your brand. Video is the most influential with buyer intent and 86% of Twitter users most preferred ad type. Player card ads are most successful on mobile applications and is a great way to get your brand exposed to potential customers.

No matter your objective, Twitter offers fantastic advertising opportunities for your brand to grow on one of the world’s most powerful social media platforms.

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