The Ultimate Infographic for I-4’s Ultimate Project

I4 ultimate Update

The facts, figures, traffic patterns and tolls have changed since the start of I-4’s Ultimate Improvement Project in 2015. Our updated I-4 infographic has the lowdown on new highway upgrades and construction for this 21-mile-long, $2.3 billion project in Central Florida. For more information on the I-4 project, visit

The 411 on I-4


  • On schedule
  • Start: 2015
  • Stop: 2021

Project Personnel Facts

  • 65% of workers are local
  • 63% of workers are minorities
  • 59% of workers are 40 years old or younger
  • 87% of workers are men
  • 13% of workers are women and it’s growing

Project Overview

  • 4 bridges currently under construction
  • 3 ramps completed
  • 2 currently under construction
  • Bridges
    • 13 are widening
    • 74 are being replaced
    • 53 are being added

Various Facts

  • 21 miles of construction
  • $2.3 billion in proposed costs
  • 36%* of total construction time is completed (789 of 2,190 days) *Approximately 

Area Updates

Attractions (Kirkman Road to John Young Parkway)


  • August 2016: Westbound I-4 exit ramp to northbound Kirkman Road was opened.

Coming Soon

  • 2017: Overpass connecting Grand National Drive and Caravan Court.

Altamonte (Maitland Blvd to SR. 434)


  • August 2015: First major traffic shift on westbound Maitland Boulevard.
  • July 2016: Major traffic shift on eastbound Maitland Boulevard.
  • July 2016: Westbound I-4 on-ramp from eastbound Maitland Boulevard.

Coming Soon

  • 2018: The Maitland Boulevard (S.R. 414) interchange completion.

Ivanhoe (Ivanhoe Boulevard to Kennedy Boulevard)

In Progress

  • An iconic bridge stretching over Lake Ivanhoe. Substantive

For more information on the I-4 Project:

i4 ultimate project update

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