The “Sponsored Post” Designation

Instagram sponsored post

Anywhere the eye can see, it’s likely to see an ad. As social media opportunities grow, so too does the possibility to scroll through ads. But why are advertisers willing to pay to reach you on your social media sites? Social media continues to generate revenue for businesses. But as companies are turning more frequently to sponsored posts instead of a more organic, free option, do you know what a sponsored post is and if it’s worth it?

According to WiseGeek, a sponsored post is a post on a website or blog which is paid for by an advertiser. Unlike a typical personal or business Instagram account’s post, a sponsored post appears on everyone’s feed, regardless of their connection with the company.

Brand Michael Kors was the first to roll out a sponsored post on popular photo sharing site, Instagram. While met with resounding negativity, the post was successful, nevertheless. The company gained nearly 43,000 new followers in the following 18 hours. Put in perspective, that’s 16 times higher than their average new follower rate, and the number of likes it received was another four times greater.

Among the companies who have also rolled out sponsored Instagram photos are Levi’s, Lexus, GE and Ben & Jerry’s. In every instance, the posts have led to a surge in followers and likes.

Ben & Jerry’s, for example, reached

nearly 400,000 likes with the rollout

of their first ad, a 2000% increase. 

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