The Spirit of Giving: Hilton Grand Vacations Honors Global Week of Service Volunteers at Appleton Awareness Gallery

What gives you hope? On October 7, more than 125 Hilton Grand Vacations team members rolled up their sleeves and spent the day volunteering at the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida as part of Hilton Worldwide Global Week of Service. The event marked the first of 26 significant service projects, eight of which took part in Central Florida, and was planned to support and revitalize the community in which we live, work and travel.  More than 2,400 volunteers took part in projects in over 700 cities in 72 countries throughout the month of October, giving hope to those in need.

To recognize and honor local volunteers, Hilton Grand Vacations hosted an art inspired gallery show, titled “The Spirit of Giving” at Appleton Creative on December 3, 2013. The centerpiece of the gallery, The Giving Circle™, featured individuals in highlighted moments throughout the Global Week of Service. Together the pieces became a unified work of art, a symbol of hope and a reminder that each and every one of us can make a difference.

The Spirit of Giving show also featured artwork of iconic celebrities created by Coalition client, Haywood Green. Haywood directed and led a group of volunteers in the design of a stunning 40-foot mural, currently visible on an exterior wall of the Coalition. Haywood was recognized during the gallery event for his role in the revitalization effort.

Elena Norman, Vice President of Communications at Hilton Grand Vacations, headed the evening event, which featured a special presentation by Mark Wang, President of Global Sales at Hilton Worldwide and President of Hilton Grand Vacations, and Neil Peraza, Hilton Grand Vacations Community Champion, thanking the HGV volunteers for all their efforts. Video footage produced by Appleton Creative captured scenes of the volunteers hard at work.

Additionally, Wang presented Green with a check in honor of his ability to inspire other through his artwork. In the spirit of giving, attendees were given a special Green signature print, assuring each and every volunteer took home a piece of artwork and a small reminder of what they helped instill—hope.

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