The Site That Suits the Not-So-Suits at CFO Strategic Partners

not your average cfo

CFO Strategic Partners is not your average CFO. The faces behind this financial consulting company have made it their mission to turn the image of your ordinary chief financial officer (CFO) upside down. Collectively, they want to spice up the industry with the creative, innovative and modernized personality behind the energetic firm. Sporting a refreshed logo and vivid new website, CFO Strategic Partners has introduced a new way to CFO with one of the best financial websites in the industry.

before and after of cfo strategic partners logo

While CFO Strategic Partners aims to convey the evolving role of the CFO as the most integral partner in strategic business decisions, the outsourced CFO firm brings much more to the table — a modern approach. After hearing about the different personalities and vibrance that stems from its offices, we knew just how to convey CFO Strategic Partners’ brand personality on the new website: a photo shoot. After updating the logo and holding a photo shoot at their offices, the website now offers an authentic and contemporary feel using photographs of their charismatic space, parallax imagery, rich textures and calls-to-action intended to glue viewers’ eyes to the screen. To suit its unconventional and refreshing outlook, the company has a fun and lively website to show the financial industry isn’t only made up of suits. Click here to see the site and get the full effect.

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