The Power of Video: How Appleton Helped Bloomin’ Brands Blossom

Emphasizing all of the hard work that a CEO has done for a company radiates appreciation — that’s why we collaborated with Bloomin’ Brands to create a video for former CEO, Liz Smith, showcasing her accomplishments. Highlighting all of the great things a CEO has done for a company sets an inspiring example for everyone watching, which will lead to great work. This is why having an internal marketing strategy is exceptionally important for corporate organizations.

Appleton worked meticulously on Bloomin’ Brands’ video that focused on honoring Smith for all of her hard work and personal contributions that helped grow the company. The video targeted the internal audience at Bloomin’ Brands, including employees and other leaders that are a part of the team to send a huge thank you to Smith for everything she’s done. This video hit home for many colleagues that have grown to appreciate Smith’s presence and guidance.

Video production can make a huge impact on a crowd by using visuals and sound to lure in emotion and gain a reaction. Appleton was responsible for helping Bloomin’ Brands film, edit, create animations, audio and post-production music. Making a video that moves people isn’t as easy as you’d think. Professional agencies know how to utilize these tools to create a video that your audience will remember. Check out highlights of the video we produced for Bloomin’ Brands here:

Interested in showcasing  your own appreciation for your company through video production? Appleton is an award-winning, full-service video and film production studio located in Orlando, Florida. Appleton works with local, national and international clients to deliver compelling visual stories that speak to audiences in the most influential way — through their emotions. Your video and film production goals are worth a conversation: contact us at 407-246-0092 or

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