The Power of FEW and Their New Logo

FEW logo rebrand before/after

At this year’s Annual Member’s Meeting, Florida Executive Women (FEW) surprised members with a look into the future of the organization. The announcement included a new logo to fit the evolution of the group as a whole. Met with overwhelmingly positive reviews, FEW is proud to present its updated logo to the public.

FEW brings together a diverse group of executive leaders who influence the Central Florida community. Created in 1980 to foster strong relationships with women decision makers and leaders, learn about local business and community trends and support female students, the organization is a benefit to women seeking to grow as professionals. Programs offer networking opportunities featuring nationally known experts, involvement in community initiatives and funding scholarships for young women pursuing degrees.

To better represent how FEW has evolved and what it has achieved, Appleton Creative redesigned the logo. The final logo mixes the old with the new for a classic yet modern feel. By using a sleek and bold font, strong, lively colors and classic elements, the logo is powerful, readable and recognizable. The three linked circles represent the unity of FEW and its infinite years to come.

The colors have meaning as well. Orange, the color of adventure, was chosen to inspire and create enthusiasm, embody optimism and sociality, while teal balances and recharges the emotions and inspires good communication skills and self-expression.

Members were incredibly pleased with the redesign, which will be implemented in the coming weeks. New member and president of Appleton Creative, Diana LaRue, is happy to be part of such an active and flourishing organization.

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