The Power Behind Infographics and What They Can Do For You

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It’s no surprise why brands often use infographics to inform a mass audience, especially since people process visual content 600,000 times faster than they do text, and brands that do feature infographics online often increase their website traffic by 12%. Implementing infographics into your digital marketing strategy allows your site to attract more viewers, further increasing your brand’s awareness.

Thanks to infographics there are now more convenient and visually appealing ways for marketers to share information with the public without worrying about them losing interest. With an infographic, your viewers can not only visualize the information, but also analyze it in a way that will allow them to easily retain it.

The real question is: how do infographics add to your digital marketing strategy? As an agency specializing in digital marketing in Orlando, we’ve compiled a list of the most important reasons why infographics can be one of the most effective marketing tools in your digital world.

Visual Content Leads to Increased Awareness

Readers pay more attention to content with visuals as opposed to content that only features text. While it takes an estimated 50 seconds to read about 250 words, it only takes 1/10th of a second to analyze visual content. Add that to the average person’s attention span of eight seconds and you don’t have much time to inform the public. Since infographics are highly visual, viewers won’t need to actually read the information to know what it is you’re trying to say. They can skim your infographic quickly and still understand the information. The images allow viewers to pull together the pieces of the puzzle to get to the main point of your topic.

Your target group’s likeliness of retaining the information is also increased if you use content with visuals. People remember 80% of what they see, as opposed to only remembering 20% of anything they read. Including compelling images in your infographic design keeps the viewer’s attention, decreasing their chance of missing anything and increasing their likeliness of actually remembering the information at hand.

Visually heavy content also makes what may seem to be a dull topic an exciting one. People like pictures. Having an illustration of information as opposed to a boring bulleted list is more likely to encourage viewers to pay attention.

They’re Great for Mobile Use

Roughly 56% of online traffic comes from mobile devices. Implementing infographics into your online presence gives internet users more content they can view on a smaller screen. Since infographics are mostly visual, they easily grab the attention of an audience when they’re accessing information via smartphones or tablets.

Since more than half the population views information on their mobile devices, it makes it easier for them to quickly share information on-the-go. When they see an infographic they like while browsing through the internet on their mobile phone, they will be more likely to click ‘share’ and post it on websites like Facebook.

Infographics’ Impact on Social Media

When it comes to social media, infographics are liked and shared three times more than any other type of digital content. These high engagement rates allow brands that create and share infographics to reach internet users quickly without putting in a whole lot of leg work. When content is shared, organic reach goes up, and when organic reach goes up, brand awareness and website traffic increases.

When infographics are based on an evergreen topic, they can be shared multiple times throughout a year, or even longer. This gives you more content to share on social media as well as keeping the topic of your infographic fresh in the viewer’s mind.

The Formula to a Killer Infographic

An infographic grabs your target demographic’s attention and informs them of a particular topic. If your infographic design is jumbled or looks unprofessional, it could be the difference between people sharing or outright skipping. In order to have an effective infographic, you’ll first need to consult with an experienced, professional graphic designer.

Infographics take a considerable amount of research and time, and need a professional layout to attract the public’s attention, otherwise they might just scroll past it on their news feed or in Google search results. An experienced designer can create a layout that is clear, simple and compelling enough to engage a large audience.

Research, research, research. You can’t have an effective infographic without it. Before deciding if an infographic is right for your topic, make sure you have the necessary information to back it up. A marketing research professional can lead you in the right direction on what works and what doesn’t so you can maximize engagement and ensure you’re disseminating the right information.

While infographics include minimal copy, you still need to feature enticing language that gives the audience the information they’re seeking quickly. A professional copywriter can create compelling copy that is sure to keep the viewer’s attention without losing their interest, while keeping the images as the main focus.

Need advice on what images will attract a larger demographic? Consult with a marketing or design agency on what images will work best with your infographic’s topic. If your topic is statistical, informative or persuasive, a creative agency will create images that not only portray your topic perfectly, but will also immediately grab the attention of a larger group of people.


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