The New Facebook Timeline Is Here – It’s Time to Activate the Five Main Differentials!

On March 30, company pages will automatically switch over to the new Timeline format, so don’t be left behind!  Do not let this change affect your company’s social media momentum. Appleton Creative has developed a clear plan that allows you to optimize the change for maximum marketing impact by focusing on the following five basic Timeline differentials:

Top Five Timeline Features:

  1. Updated Look & Feel: New timeline pages contain a “cover photo” that provides a large canvas for visual impact. This cover photo sets the tone for your page – focus on the foundations of your brand.
  2. Tab Visibility: Tabs are now much larger, 810 pixel icons and, unlike in the past, they need to be setup through the “App” function on Facebook.  This new change can be complicated and time consuming, the perfect task for a web programmer.
  3. Default Landing Page: Your Facebook wall is now your default landing page. Since you can no longer host a unique landing page, you must now rely on your cover photo, tab icons and sticky posts to tell your story. Again, a clear brand and goal focused campaign is key.
  4. Addition of Milestones: Key events in your company history may now be denoted. Companies may use a large representative image to denote founding dates, grand openings, and historical highlights. This is an excellent way to showcase any major company events from the 1800’s through today.
  5. Private Messages Between Brands and Users: The new messaging feature allows deeper communication between consumers and brands. For instance, your company may message Timeline visitors in private. This new feature offers a unique way to upgrade your customer service.

The key to leveraging the new Timeline format is to embrace the features and use them to your advantage. Check out Appleton’s recent Timeline update!

Facebook automatically converted to Timeline:

Optimized Facebook Timeline:

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