The Mobile Uprising

When you are out and about, how do you connect to the Internet? Look at the new YouTube sensation? Google Maps?

About 91% of Americans own a smartphone. 60% of Internet searches are made on mobile devices. Mobile Internet access has been doubling every year since 2009. Mobile usage is forecasted to soon exceed the all mighty desktop in 2014. Mobile has posed many business opportunities. Mobile has become a huge platform for marketers due to social media mobile apps. Time spent on mobile social media has increased by 387% from 2011-2012. These are very eye popping statistics that we as marketers can’t ignore.

Mobile marketing and exposure has become vital to the average business, but how does one “go mobile?” Well, the obvious way is to make sure your webpage is mobile adaptable. One of the best ways to do this is to have a responsive design for your website. Meaning that no matter the size of the screen, your website will respond and fit accordingly. Further more, you can send mobile optimized-emails, emails to which font and design is altered to present well on a smaller screen.

Mobile usage has gone through the roof, and people prefer to use their mobile devices to their desktop. 70% of American Consumers prefer to receive promotions and offers on their smartphones and tablets, and 70% of all mobile transaction occur within the first hour of visiting the mobile website. 74% of mobile users check their emails on their mobile device. Mobile is something that should not be overlooked. Going mobile almost seems necessary for any business.

For more information on the mobile marketing, read Hop Aboard the Mobile Marketing Train by Monica Jade Romeri.

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