The Delaney Project: Atomic Power Hour!

Appleton Creative has gone nuclear! For one hazard-free hour we had a team-building hosted by our friend and Strategize-it consultant Theresa Heldt.

The Challenge: Transport a container of “radioactive material” and dump it into the empty sanitary container, using only the objects provided. These objects included five pieces of string and hand full of rubber bands.

Adding to the challenge, each container was placed in the middle of a no-enter “radiation” zone. If a team member ventured into this radiation zone or spilled any of the radioactive material, they were eliminated immediately.

With only 30 minutes to solve the challenge, we made a plan, took action and solved the challenge without spilling a single drop of waste into the circular drive of 539 Delaney Avenue. Plus, we had two minutes to spare.

Appleton applauds Theresa Heldt for spending the afternoon with us, assisting in our team mentality and continuing to challenge our staff to learn, communicate and succeed. Thank you Theresa for sharing your knowledge and insight. Our team had a blast!

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