The clock is ticking for Facebook’s Timeline!

Time is ticking for Facebook users against the new Timeline feature. According to the official Facebook blog, the new style will be required for all users in a few weeks. If you haven’t taken a walk down memory lane, you’re about to.

The new feature allows users highlight photos, posts and life events. Many believe this will cause a haunting return of moments one would like to forget.

Yet there are many exciting benefits to this redesign as well. Companies including Spotify, Pinterest, Nike and Ticketmaster are part of an eclectic group of companies releasing Timeline apps this year.

According to an article on, the Open Graph developer platform will allow users to customize their Timeline with select apps. The frictionless sharing feature will post online activity directly to your profile without a “like” or “share” button.

While many are still concerned over Timeline, businesses may be excited to hear feature statistics. A study conducted by EyeTrackShop found that Facebook ads get noticed more in Timeline than in the old profile format.

Despite being a new social media tool for businesses, it’s something to consider as more users become acquainted with the format. Timeline may be a great way for your company or brand to become a part of user history.

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