The Big 5-0-0 with TBS Factoring Service

TBS 500 Jobs

As one of our long-standing clients, it has been a pleasure to serve the TBS family of companies as its designated trucking company marketing agency. Since 2011, we’ve serviced every branch of the TBS canopy of services: TBS Factoring Service, Truckers Bookkeeping Service, TBS Capital Funding, TBS Insurance Agency, Elite Dispatch Service and the newest addition, Foxhole Logistics.

In fact, we recently celebrated our 500th project with TBS and in appreciation, sent a box filled with 500 pieces of candy and other goodies to its headquarters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In continued celebration of the many years together, we’re revisiting some of the services we’ve completed for TBS over the past six years.

With such an extensive trucking company marketing portfolio, we largely influenced the branding of the organization. Tasked with designing service and program logos for many of TBS’ companies, we had an important role in creating designs that simultaneously form a cohesive brand. This allows for instant consumer recognition, while also providing enough distinction for the individual companies to stand alone.

Logo design for Elite Dispatch Service.

Also part of the branding we’ve done for the TBS family are the various website designs for the different companies, including the newest service, Foxhole Logistics, which features an industrial military-esque design. In addition to the website designed for Foxhole Logistics, we also created a video, trade show displays, branding collateral and, of course, the logo.

Orlando Branding Agency Creates Foxhole Logistics' Branding
Logo design for Foxhole Logistics.

Through the years of being TBS’ trucking company marketing agency, we’ve also created other marketing pieces, including landing pages, ebook designs and promotional videos.

landing page example
Landing page design for TBS Factoring Service.

We’re proud to have provided our marketing and design skills to the TBS family for over six years. Although they reside states away, we’ve grown a bond close enough to feel like family, and we’re excited to continue that partnership for years to come.

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