The Advertising Professional: Why You Need to Be More Than Just Creative

As a creative conceptual-thinker who’s rich in imagination you may think a career in advertising is perfect for you. Well, not so fast. Many hopefuls still believe creativity is the single most important weapon in the ad pro’s arsenal. While professionals agree this statement holds value, creativity—as wondrous, rare and necessary as it is—may not be enough anymore. The industry has changed and with it the necessary skill set to get the job done effectively.

Steve Farella, a 30-year ad industry veteran and CEO of media company holding group Maxxcom Global, says, “In the 1950s and 1960s, you needed to be a creative person to make it in this business. And while creativity is still incredibly important, today, you need to be a technology person.”

From the mass-adoption of cell phones to the all-night Netflix video-streaming binge, consumers have drastically changed the way they interact with current mediums. Additionally, social networking has become a regular part of consumer life. These online social identities have left digital footprints of consumption habits that now place demographic targeting on a whole new playing field.

Life has gone digital.

According to Forbes, online ad spending topped $100 million in 2012 and is forecasted to continue increasing yearly. This number solely accounts for media buys. Spending estimates skyrocket when factoring in what companies spend on web design, branding and development.

From graphics to copy, practitioners rely on an array of programs to create, plan and roll out campaigns. Creative teams, commonly joined by web developers and programmers, must now integrate their work for mobile phones, tablets and social media to account for every possible way to reach consumers. The digital revolution has already occurred and technology only continues to change the way business is done. Those who either cause the change or evolve with it will become the advertising leaders of tomorrow.

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