Michael Speltz

Director of Videography + Principal

Mike has been telling stories through video and creating award-winning work since 1976. With an incredibly creative eye, he uses his divine talents to see things others don’t. It’s all in the details, and that’s how Mike brings it all to life. He visualizes the scene and collaborates with the client, the writer and the talent. That’s why, from concept to completion, from 16mm film to high def digital, Mike delivers a seamless flow that brings mere words and thoughts into compelling, engaging images that motivate, titillate and educate.


"Stories aren’t the icing on the cake; they are the cake!"

– Peter Guber

Although blue whales have the overall largest hearts and giraffes have the largest of land animals, dogs have the largest in proportion to body size.

Cosmic Ocean Blue

  1. Learner
  2. Achiever
  3. Futuristic
  4. Strategic
  5. Activator