Jennifer Graven Appleton team gif


Art Director, Senior Designer & Photographer
Practicing since 2007, Appletonian since 2010

Enlightening others and creating a fun work environment since 2007.

Jennifer’s love of art and photography and a dual degree in graphic design and advertising/public relations give her a well-rounded perspective on her work. Add that to her love of fun and contagious team spirit, and what do you get? A designer that gives clients innovative creativity and Appletonians a reason to love coming to work.

Jennifer leverages her love of art and the advertising world, capturing the essence of what Appleton Creative is.

How many cookies have you eaten in the past hour/day/week/month/year etc.?
Well I've had 4 in the past hour, but I estimate about 48 cookies per month. Minus two months for having to go on diets from said cookie eating. That comes out to 480 cookies per year or 1.31 cookies per day. It makes me feel better to say that's only 0.05 cookies per hour. I also like math.

Do you have any pets?
I am mother to the infamous Wally the Wonderdog, the featherweight champion of the Baldwin Park Doggie Derby.

What do you do when you're not graphic designing?
I like to shoot things. If I'm not shooting people with my camera, I grab my bow and arrows and head to the archery range.

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