Tasty Tricks for April Fools’ Day

Food Panks & Tasty Tricks for April Fools’ Day dinner plate

If you are looking to stand out from the average office pranksters this April Fools’ Day, we’ve prepared a list of deviously delicious food pranks sure to spice up your day and inspire some office antics.

Toothpaste Oreos

Difficulty: Easy

Result: Mild Annoyance

Now that Cool Mint Oreos are a thing, this prank is easier than ever. Simply take apart Oreos and replace the crème filling with plain, white toothpaste. This must be done neatly in order to be truly convincing. Your coworkers may question every nice gesture from you in the future, but it may be worth it to see the look on their faces as they take a bite.

Dessert Grilled Cheese

Difficulty: Medium

Result: Pleasant Surprise

There may only be one thing better than grilled cheese: dessert. This delicious shenanigan might just be the nicest prank you’ve ever pulled. Start by taking a pound cake and cutting it into slices. Then, mix a little orange food coloring into vanilla icing until it has the perfect Velveeta look. Sandwich the icing between the two slices of bread until it resembles every grilled cheese you ever had as a kid. Make as many as you want and offer them to the office. While it may result in confusion at first, you’re giving them dessert. How mad can they really be?

Mashed Potato Sundae

Difficulty: Medium

Result: Total Confusion

Did you know many food photographers use mashed potatoes to mimic the perfect ice cream? This trick may not fool everyone, but it’s definitely worth a shot. Use an ice cream scoop to place mashed potatoes into your favorite dessert display and top it with gravy hot fudge. The cherry on top will really pull the visual together. Even if you can’t get this past the seasoned pranksters, everyone loves a little southern comfort added to their day.

Candied Onions

Difficulty: Hard

Result: Potentially Terminated Friendships

We saved the cruelest for last, as this prank is not for the faint of heart. If you’ve got nothing to lose, this trick is for you. Start by taking apple-shaped onions and dipping them in caramel. You may need multiple layers to mask any trace of onion. Present these candied onions on a tray and watch the horror unfold. You may not have any friends after this joke, but hey, at least it was funny.

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